Welcome to the about me page. This is a place for someone that is really bad at selling himself to try to sell you on what I have to say.

Well, here it goes…

Who am I?

My name is Josh Henschke and thank you for checking out The Detroit Deep Dish. Some of you may know me as the guy that covers the University of Michigan football and basketball programs for my day job for The Michigan Insider on 247Sports. Others may know me as a dude that tweets a bunch of nonsense. Either way, you’re always welcome here! This venture is an avenue to expand my wings a little bit and write about other areas of sports I’m passionate about, my hometown Detroit sports franchises.

What is The Detroit Deep Dish and why should I subscribe?

If you love Detroit sports and want to read something new from the usual you see on your timelines each day, then The Detroit Deep Dish is the outlet for you! We try not to take ourselves too seriously and strive to give you the no-BS information and news you crave about your Detroit sports teams.

Whether it’s AMA’s, exclusive Q&A’s, podcasts, and everything else in between, stick with us as we’re always trying to evolve and add something unique to the lineup!

How to reach Josh

For business and other inquiries, you can email me at henschkewrites@gmail.com. You can follow my personal Twitter account @JoshHenschke and follow TDDD on Twitter as well @TheDETDeepDish!

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